Position: Emerito, Dip. di Matematica
Affiliation: Università Sapienza, Professore Ospite in SISSA
Email: gianfausto.dellantonio@sissa.it
Office: A-703 (SISSA)
Phone: +39 040 3787 413
Research interests:

In the course of my scientific activity I developed competence in Field Theory (in particular, but non only, the Constructive and C* Algebraic aspects), in Variational Calculus (in particular applied to Gauge Theories, Celestial Mechanics and Composite Media) and in Stochastic Processes. A field in which I have worked throughout the years is methods of Functional Analysis and C* algebras in Quantum Mechanics (on the subject I have published two books) and Foundations of Quantum Mechanics. At present, I'm studying "very short range" interactions ("contact interaction") in Q.M. and their role in the description of Bose-Einstein Condensation (both in the low density and high density regime) and of several other phenomena (e.g. the presence of Efimov states in low energy physics).

Some of my publications are listed here