Position: Full Professor
Affiliation: CM at SISSA
Email: capone@sissa.it
Office: A-303 (SISSA)
Phone: +39 040 3787 374
Webpage: Page
Research interests:

My research focuses on quantum lattice models of strongly interacting particles. The main motivation comes from solid state physics and the surprising features emerging when strong interactions drive the electronic fluid close to a Mott localisation. Here a wealth of novel phenomena occur, as well as spectacular realisations of well known phases of matter, among which high-temperature superconductivity is only the tip of an iceberg.

In the last years I have focused on multicomponent fermonic systems, demonstrating that “more is different” and Mott localization has surprising new facets when more than two flavours are considered. This can lead to selective phase transitions where part of the electronic fluid localises while the rest is metallic. A similar phenomenology can be observed in quantum materials like iron-based superconductors and many others, as well as multicomponent Fermi (or Bose) gases loaded in optical lattices.

Some of my publications are listed here